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I was thinking of my daughter!

—Agustín, in reponse to Alma

Agustín Madrigal is a supporting character in Disney's 2021 film Encanto. He is the husband of Julieta, the father of Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel, and the uncle of Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio Madrigal. Since Agustín married into the family, he has no magical gift of his own.


Physical appearance

Agustín is a tan, middle-aged man with a tall and thin physique and has round glasses like his daughter, Mirabel. He wears an altered three-piece suit consisting of a navy-blue suit vest with matching pants. Under it is a white collared shirt rolled up to his elbows with a blue tie. Agustín also has a pink flower on his lapel given by Isabela and wears mismatched socks; a purple one with dumbbells to represent Luisa, and a colorful one with embroidery to represent Mirabel.[2] His outfit is meant to complement Julieta's without being "matchy-matchy".[3]


Agustín is a kind and bubbly man who cares very much about Mirabel, Isabela, and Luisa; Mirabel describes him as "meaning well". He is very accident-prone, and his allergy to bees causes him to require Julieta's healing food on a regular basis. He tries very hard to encourage his daughters: flaunting Isabela's gift by wearing a flower made by her on his suit, comforting Luisa when she claims she is a loser, and telling Mirabel he understands what it's like to be "un-ceptional" in a magical family. He is very protective of Mirabel and defends her against Alma, his mother-in-law.


  • Julieta Madrigal: Julieta is Agustín's wife. Being accident prone, Agustín often needed to be healed by Julieta which led to them bonding. Agustín's need to be healed by Julieta continued after the pair got married. Agustín often agrees with the statements made by his wife such as trying to tell Mirabel that she had nothing to prove on the day of Antonio's gift ceremony, or when he and Julieta spoke up in defense of Mirabel to Alma.
  • Isabela Madrigal: Isabela is Agustín's oldest daughter. His outfit in the film has a small pink flower attached to it, likely given by Isabela, which he wears to flaunt her power, showing that he cares for her and is likely proud of her "perfect" reputation.
  • Luisa Madrigal: Luisa is Agustín's second daughter. Agustín cares deeply for Luisa and tries to help her when she needs comfort or emotional support. An example is at dinner with the Guzmán family, although Agustín initially along with Mirabel were afraid that Bruno's vision would be revealed to the family, he immediately diverted all his attention to Luisa the moment he saw her depressed. After the failed dinner, Agustin's first priority was to try to run after Luisa to emotionally support his daughter when she runs out of the house devastated because her gift vanishes, showing that he knows when Luisa cares about her magical gift.
  • Mirabel Madrigal: Mirabel is Agustín's youngest daughter. Agustín loves and cares about his daughter and he demonstrates this throughout the movie. On the day of Antonio's gift ceremony, Agustín tried to comfort Mirabel on the fact that she didn't have a gift like the rest of the family. The night the Guzmáns came for dinner, Agustín tried to help Mirabel hide the truth of Bruno's vision from the family. Later, when house started collapsing, Agustín and Julieta were desperately trying to help Mirabel when she tried saving the candle, despite the house forcing them back. After the house collapsed and everyone was helping to rebuild it, Agustín and Julieta watch Mirabel proudly.


Early Life

Agustín was born a little less than fifty years before the events of the film on June 19. At some point, Agustín met Julieta Madrigal and, due to him being accident prone, the two of them bonded as Julieta needed to heal Agustín often. Agustín and Julieta eventually got married and had three daughters; Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel.

Antonio's Gift Ceremony

At the beginning of the film, during the song "The Family Madrigal", Agustín can be seen trying to chop wood, but accidentally swinging the ax into a beehive and getting stung by a swarm.

Agustín eventually returned to the Casita to help set up for Antonio's gift ceremony, and his face and hands were swollen because of the bee stings. When Mirabel returned home with party supplies given to her by Osvaldo, Julieta told Mirabel she didn't need to overdo it, and Agustín agreed with Julieta saying that Antonio's gift ceremony would be the first one since hers. He then goes on to tell Mirabel that when he and Félix married into the family, they were outsiders who do not and will not ever have a gift, consistently being surrounded by exceptional people, it was easy to feel "un-ceptional", concluding that he understands how she feels. Julieta gave Agustín some food to heal his bee stings which returned him to normal.

Agustín agrees with Julieta's sentiment to Mirabel that she has nothing to prove.

That same night, Agustín stands with the rest of his family as they watch Antonio receive his gift. When Antonio receives his gift and everyone enters into his new magical room, Agustín can be seen cheering as Antonio's new pet jaguar snuggles up next to him. Agustín then joins the rest of the family, except for Mirabel, for a family photo.

After Mirabel had interrupted Antonio's party to warn everybody that the house was in danger, everyone followed her outside only to see that everything was fine. Agustín then had Luisa hold the piano for him as he played a song to help brighten the mood.


The next morning, Agustín was getting a plate of food for breakfast, as some of Antonio's animals cling to him, and one of them stole his pocket watch.

Discovering Bruno's Vision and Dinner With The Guzmáns

Later that day during the Madrigal portion of "We Don't Talk About Bruno", Agustín was shown helping the family set the table for dinner.

Agustín then went into the nursery looking for Mirabel, but stops dead in his tracks when he sees Bruno's vision slab on top of the dresser.

Mirabel quickly explains that the magic is dying, the house is breaking and Luisa's gift is fading and she believes it's all because of her. After Agustín gets a better look at the vision, and he hears Alma call everyone down for dinner, Agustín insists to Mirabel that they don't say anything. He explains to Mirabel that Alma wants the night to be "perfect" and until the Guzmáns leave, they shouldn't mention anything about Bruno's vision. However, much to their dismay, they notice that Dolores was standing outside the entire time and she overheard them and it was clear to the both of them that Dolores was going to tell everybody.

Agustín and Mirabel are both visibly nervous during dinner, trying to keep information about Bruno's vision from being revealed. When Mariano asked Mirabel if she was okay, Agustín says that everything is fine and Mirabel was just excited for Mariano to propose to her sister, and insists that Mariano should propose to Isabela as fast as he can.

While watching Mariano propose to Isabela, Agustín didn't notice that some of Antonio's animals took the pieces of Bruno's vision from his pockets and assemble it into an empty picture frame.

When the dinner ends poorly after everyone finds out what was in Bruno's last vision, everyone leaves the dining room, and Agustín chases after Luisa who runs out crying.

The Magic Fades and The Casita Falls

Sometime later, Agustín is being scolded by Alma for keeping information about Bruno's vision to himself, telling him that he should've said something as soon as he saw the vision and he should think about the family. Agustín then tells Alma that he was thinking about his daughter and Julieta rebukes Alma for her harsh treatment of Mirabel.

When Alma leaves the house to reassure the towns people, she tells Agustín and Julieta that they need to find Mirabel.

Later, Agustín and Julieta gather with the rest of the family in the courtyard hearing an argument between Alma and Mirabel. When the house starts cracking and the candle starts fading, Mirabel tries to save the candle, while the Casita forces everybody back. Agustín and Julieta try desperately to get to Mirabel, but the house throws everyone outside. While standing outside watching Mirabel, Agustín and Julieta yell for Mirabel to hurry and get out of the house.

After the Casita falls and Mirabel disappears, Julieta and Agustín, as well as the rest of the family, search for her.

Reunion and Rebuilding The Casita

When Mirabel returned with Alma and Bruno, Julieta was happy to see their daughter, while Agustín, who’s face and hands were swollen because of bee stings, told Mirabel that there were bees everywhere but he'll be okay.

After Mirabel leads the family into the song "All Of You", Agustín gives Julieta, Pepa and Bruno a group hug after Bruno is re-introduced to the family, happily singing that the triplets were reunited.

Agustín works with the family and the rest of the towns people to rebuild the Casita. After some time when the Casita is rebuilt, Agustín watches, along with his family and the townspeople as Mirabel restores the magic. Agustín then gathers with his family for a complete family portrait and says the family chant "La Familia Madrigal".


  • Agustín’s birthday is June 19th.[4]
    • This makes his star sign Gemini.
    • June 19 is Father's Day in Colombia.
    • Jared Bush states that Agustín was probably born on a Wednesday. Taking in consideration that he is slightly younger than the triplets, this would make his birthyear 1901, as the Encanto was founded in 1900 (as depicted by a painting which reads "Encanto establacido en 1900"). Thus, Agustín is 49 during the events of the film, which take place on Antonio's birthday and the two days following.
  • Agustín and Julieta met and fell in love because his clumsy nature led to him constantly having to be healed by Julieta.[5]
  • In production, Agustín looked like a "city man", coming from "somewhere similar to Bogotá", being well-put-together and wearing a suit. This makes him a "fish out of the water" in the Encanto.[3]
  • Agustín, along with Félix, was originally explored as a "double act". They were both the outsiders, don't have powers, thus bringing a connection to Mirabel, since they were married into the family.[3]
  • Early on, while exploring the storyline of the film, in one version, Agustín was the patriarch who found the Encanto where he builds the Casa Madrigal.[3]
  • The original family of Agustín is alive and they live in the Encanto.[6][7]
  • According to The Art of Encanto, his bachelor surname is Rojas, as Mirabel's full surname is Rojas-Madrigal.



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